Work In Progress / 10 October 2023

My animation journey! Zero to Hero

Hello everyone! My name is Dimax, and this is my 3D animation blog. This space will be my creative diary as I learn and improve in 3D animation!

In my childhood, I used to draw all the time. I was inspired by cartoons and loved creating stories with my toys - from my green soldiers to my Power Rangers to Saint Seiya, etc. Little did I know, I was drawing the foundation of my future.

Currently, I work as a 3D character artist, and I’m passionate about it. When I decided to learn about animation, my sole intention was to bring characters to life. However, when I discovered ZBrush, that path took a different turn. I immediately fell in love with sculpture and modelling, and I’ve established my career as a character modeller.

Learning different 3D art techniques is my passion, and I’ve decided to return to my original goal. So, here I am, picking back up that journey called - ANIMATION!

I’m so excited to share my progress with you as I grow. Please feel free to connect and share your experiences with me too!

Where everything begins!


Not rig - Bouncing  Ball 01

Bouncing  Ball 02

Bouncing  Ball 03

Bouncing  BalTail 04

Pendulum 01

Pendulum 02

Pendulum and Ball